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Elections Are Coming

Are you ready for 2018.  Watch for details on how you can help elect Democrats in Sedgwick County.

Kansas Democrats Care Day of Action May 20th


Join us for a day of action for Democrats. We’ll be kicking off the Kansas Dem Cares program right here in the Fourth Congressional District by volunteering for Wichita’s Senior Services. We need volunteers at the Senior Olympics at Friends University and at the Pickleball Tournament at the Family Life Center at 1415 S Topeka. We also need volunteers to take food to the Machinists Union Hall on S Meridian. We’ll gather there for lunch, then a talk by newly elected Chair of the Kansas Democrats, John Gibson. Please use the Google form to sign up and let us know how you can help.



James Thompson For Kansas

James Thompson is the Democratic Candidate for the 4th District Special Election on April 11, 2017.

You can learn more about James, his campaign, and how to get involved by checking out his website or Facebook page.

We’re Having A Contest

We need your help to get the ball rolling on a new initiative to help out our community and improve the way our party is viewed by the public.

We know that you care.
We know that you are already out their helping your community.
But it isn’t enough.
Anyone that has ever struggled to help a needy family, planted trees to help the environment, or donated food to the food bank, knows that it is never enough.

We can’t combat the ills of our society by ourselves. We have to unite and be proud of who we are, and what our party stands for.

That is why we are asking you to come up with a new t-shirt design that Sedgwick County Dems can wear when we are at work, volunteering, or just out doing errands. We want people to know that we are here, that we care, and that we are proud to stand together against whatever we may face in the coming years.
Here are the guidelines:
1. It has to have the KDP Sunflower Logo.
2. It has to say Sedgwick County Democrats
3. Submission must be a PDF and in high resolution.
4. Email submission to
5. Deadline for submission is February 17th.
We will vote on the t-shirt design at our next Precinct Committee Meeting. The person with the winning design will get a free t-shirt and a movie-night gift basket valued at $50 dollars.


Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Thanksgiving


Honoring our Military and Veterans’ Service to Protect our Freedoms

Veterans Day

Just as we support law enforcement officers, Kansas Democrats also support the men and women of our Kansas National Guard and armed forces as they defend our state and nation. Kansas Democrats led the way in the creation of a Military Bill of Rights to help ease the financial burden of military service. Kansas Democrats pledge to always stand with military personnel, veterans, and their families as they serve as well as when they return home. We support additional help for Kansas veterans as a way to honor their service to our nation.

Kansas Democrats recognize the role both of these groups play in our homeland security efforts. We strongly support providing these brave men and women with the tools, training, and support they need to defend our state from man-made and natural threats.

Kansas Democrats support efforts to increase veterans’ access to health care in their local communities.

Kansas Democrats support our national defense and the continued presence of all US Military bases located in Kansas.

Platform of the Kansas Democratic Party


Don't Forget To Vote


You can also find your voting location by clicking here.

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