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Meet the Candidate – Danette Harris (House Dist. 82)

“As a combat veteran and military leader, I know the meaning of service. When elected, I will serve you by bringing responsible leadership to Topeka and working to ensure the interests of all Kansans are represented. It is time to move forward with new ideas that address our problems. We must make the economy work for all Kansans, not just the wealthy.”

Find out more about Danette and how to get involved in her  campaign on her website or Facebook page.  You can also donate to her campaign online here.

Danette Harris

Meet the Candidate – James McCluer (House Dist. 81)

“My goals are to be a citizen representative that works for and with the people residing in District 81.”  Find out more about James and how to get involved in his campaign on his Facebook page.

James McCluer

Meet the Candidate – Tim Norton (County Commission)

tim-nortonCommissioner Norton has served the resident of the 2nd district of Sedgwick County since he was first elected in 2000. Commissioner Norton has been a fierce advocate for Sedwick County since taking office and even more so as the lone Democrat on the county commission currently serving with “Brownback style” commissioners who want to starve the county without regard to the people who live here.  His opponent is a Brownback yes man who helped pass the largest tax increase in Kansas history and helped destroy the Kansas credit rating in the process.


To learn more about Commissioner Norton and his campaign visit his website and follow him on FacebookYou can also let Commissioner Norton know you want to volunteer, request a yard sign, or donate online by clicking here.

Meet The Candidate – Don Shimkus (Senate District 32)

don-shimkusDon Shimkus currently works as the General Manager and Service Manager of Music Scene in Andover.   Don has as served for more than 10 years on the Oxford school board, currently its’ president.  In addition to his service on the board of education, Don currently serves as President of the Kansas Association of School Boards. Prior to his election as President, he served on KASB’s Board of Directors as Region 6 Vice President, as well as on the Legislative Committee and the Committee on Funding Public Education.  In addition to his board of education responsibilites, he has served on the City of Oxford Planning Commission, the Interlocal 619 Special Education board, and was a founding member of the Sumner County Leadership Initiative.


To learn more about Don and his campaign visit his website and follow him on Facebook. You can also let Don know you want to volunteer by clicking here.  To donate to Don’s campaign, click here.

Meet The Candidate – J. Michelle Vann (Senate Dist. 31)


Dr. J. Michelle Vann comes from a rich heritage of community service that has been the pride and hallmark of her family for generations.   J. Michelle believes that Kansas would benefit from the creation of a fair, balanced tax structure, one that would serve the needs of all Kansans, while encouraging entrepreneurial opportunities that will increase business growth in our communities. J. Michelle believes it is vital for Kansas legislation to ensure that adequate, equitable funding is in place, that will serve the needs and development of all Kansas students in all Kansas schools.


To learn more about J. Michelle and her campaign visit her website and follow her on FacebookYou can also let J. Michelle know you want to volunteer by clicking here.  To donate online, click here.

Meet The Candidate – Anabel Larumbe (Senate Dist. 30)


For Anabel Larumbe, activism is a “Labor of Love!” Anabel works full-time at Grace Med clinics throughout the city, as well as part-time for Primerica Financial Services where she continues to advocate for middle and lower income class families. Anabel helps them to gain financial stability and independence by becoming debt-free and protecting their credit, teaching personal responsibility through fiscal responsibility.  Anabel has worked for reform in cities all across the country, from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California, championing the rights of the working class and effecting change in immigration issues, as well as voter’s rights.  Anabel would restore a common-sense approach to dealing with the issues that face those in the 30th Senate District and she would give a voice BACK to the community that’s been silenced for the last 15 years her predecessor has held the office.


To learn more about Anabel and her campaign visit her website and follow her on FacebookYou can also let Anabel know you want to volunteer by clicking here.  To donate online, click here.

Meet The Candidate – Senator Oletha Faust-Goudeau (Senate Dist. 29)

sen-goudeauSenator Oletha Faust-Goudeau is currently the only Democratic Senator representing Sedgwick County.  Senator Faust-Goudeau is a Wichita native who has lived nearly all of her life in the 29th District.


To learn more about Senator Faust-Goudeau and her campaign follow her on FacebookYou can also let Senator Faust-Goudeau know you want to volunteer by sending an E-mail to


Campaign donations can be sent to:   Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau,  P.O. Box 20335,  Wichita, Kansas  67208

Kansas Supreme Court

We’ve recently been asked about the retention of Kansas Supreme Court Justices, where to get yard signs, and if the county party is doing anything with the judicial vote.  Since the Appellate Courts are nonpartisan, as they should be, the Sedgwick County Party is not involved in those elections.  We suggest you visit Kansans For Fair Courts for more information or check out their Facebook page.

Fair Court Logo

The Sedgwick County Democratic Party is not affiliated with Kansans For Fair Courts.  This post is provided for informational purposes only.

Meet The Candidate – Keith Humphrey (Senate Dist. 28)


Keith Humphrey is the president and CEO of Jet AirWerks, LLC and Jet AirParts, LLC. Through his businesses Keith employs several dozen Kansans and provides technical scholarships to Cowley County Community College and the Wichita Area Technical College.  Keith first worked in aviation as a member of the United States Navy. Since his honorable discharge from the Navy, Keith has remained involved in veterans affairs and organizations. Keith is the Chairman of the Kansas Democratic Party Veterans and Military Families Caucus, a member of American Legion Post 408, and VFW Auxiliary 7253.  In 2013, Keith’s efforts were key in securing the passage of a bill in Kansas to guaranteeing death gratuity benefits for the families of fallen service members from Kansas in the event of a federal government shutdown. He continues his efforts to pass the legislation at the federal level to protect these benefits.


To learn more about Keith and his campaign visit his website and follow him on FacebookYou can also let Keith know you want to volunteer by clicking here.  To donate online, click here.

Meet The Candidate – Tony Hunter (Senate Dist. 27)


Tony is a West Wichita husband, father and lawyer working in the petroleum industry.   The recent downturn in the petroleum industry left him with a little more time to contemplate the state of the State… and it is not good. No longer content with fuming while reading political articles on the internet or yelling at the radio or television, Tony decided to get off the couch and do something constructive for the state of Kansas by joining the State Senate as a Democrat. That’s why he would appreciate your vote on November 8, 2016.


To learn more about Tony and volunteer for his campaign visit his website and follow him on Facebook.  Donate online to his campaign here.

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