It’s one year until Election Day. Are you getting ready?

Election Day 2016 is a year away. It seems so far away, but it will sneak up on us all. Do you know if you’re ready to vote?

Visit VoterView to make sure your address and party are correct (you must be registered as a Democrat to participate in the presidential caucus in March and the primary in August). If you need to update your address or party, you can do so online here. Did you know when you move, you have to update your driver’s license address? When you do, you can automatically update your voter registration if you change your address online. Make sure to change your registration address: if you cancel your old registration, you will have to register all over again and have to provide proof of citizenship. Make sure your registration is up to date!

If you or someone you know isn’t registered in Kansas, you can register online or fill out a paper form (PDF). You can also register to vote at the DMV. Whichever way you choose to register to vote, you will have to provide proof of citizenship. If you were born in Kansas and need a copy of your birth certificate, you can fill out a request (PDF) and mail it in. Make sure to request a free birth certificate (PDF) if you are using it only so you can register to vote. These links only work if you were born in Kansas. Make sure to check out other valid proofs. Make sure to start now on registering. It might take some time to gather the correct forms and submit them. You will have 90 days from when you turn in your form to send in your information before your suspended registration could be purged. So make sure to check VoterView and contact the Sedgwick County Election Office at (316) 660-7100.

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